How to choose a tablecloth color & size is not an easy task. Before picking the table cloth some points must consider. Suddenly jumping on a decision is not a good idea.

Here, we are going to share with you a few common points that should know before going to select the best table cloth for your kitchen table cloth. Let’s take at a glance on the essential tips.

how to choose the best tablecloth

Perfect tips to Choose The Best Tablecloth

1 Select the perfect materials

Various types of materials are available in the market. All of them are not high-qualified materials. So, we discuss a few materials that are durable and fine to use.


Cotton is the most common material for the table cloth. We use a table cloth to look smart and also to save the table from any damage. For this reason, cotton can be the best choice for anyone.

It is so high absorbent plus durable. The cotton table cloth is so affordable and it is easy to clean and maintain than other materials. You can use warm water to wash it and also can’t use any machine. This type of table cloth is available in various colors.

So color selection won’t difficult. You just can use it on any occasion even at a wedding ceremony or birthday party. The cotton table cloth is perfect for all types of the table such as dining table, tea table, coffee table, or any outdoor party table.


Another popular material is polyester. Cotton and polyester are similar materials. But polyester looks shiner and silkier than cotton. You also can select it for any occasion.

The feature and benefits of it similar to cotton materials. But it has a disadvantage that it is made of some chemicals. And this chemical isn’t safe. If you have an allergy, you must avoid it. Otherwise, this type of table cloth can select for any type of table with any favorite color. 


Linen Cloth Cover is perfect for kitchen dining room party or home décor. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties. You need not worry to wash it or no need to iron. You can use normal water to wash it.

It is suitable and affordable for any function and occasion. This material isn’t harmful. But it is easy to use. It can provide so beautiful and unique table cloth that is perfect for any table.


Vinyl is another material that is so highly suitable for any outdoor party or picnic. It is not difficult to maintain to get rid of stains. This material is affordable and durable that can suit any weather and sunshine.

Moreover, vinyl table clothes are not perfect for any formal occasion like any wedding party or BBQ party. It looks so cheap and not looks gorgeous.


For any formal events or occasions, the silk table cloth is right. It makes a gorgeous look in any party. To add extra beauty this silk cloth is so nice and rich the beauty of the dining table.

The silk table cloth is suitable for a special party. This material is delicate and not easy to maintain. You must need special take care to wash it. But suitable to use for all types of tables.

2. Select the friendly budget:

There is a variety in the prize of the table cloth. They can low to exclusive prices depend on size, design, and quality. Before taking any decision, you must be fixed your mind which prize is only for you. Then select the best table cloth depending on your pocket money.

3. Select the well-design:

To make a particular look well-design is so important. There are variable designs available such as woven, printed, patterned, embroidered and so much more. You have select the design depend on your demand.

For an informal setting, you can pick printed or patterned designs. Or, for a formal setting, you should select the heavy-weight design. So, your table looks so stylish, fashionable, and gorgeous.

4. Select the perfect color:

Various colors with various designs are offered in the market. But everyone is not ideal for your dining table. So, before fixing any cloth first decide the color that can perfect with your home.

Many times color can make the cloth more gorgeous than the price. So, color selection is not a simple object and also it isn’t an easy task.

5. Select a suitable size:

Selection size is the most essential matter. You can see various size of the cloth such as small to large size. But you must fix which size will right and ideal for your selected table.

Otherwise, the cloth that you choose for your table will waste next. It becomes useless. So, before buying the table cloth at first take the correct size than purchase the right table cloth.

6. Select the perfect shape:

Like size, the shape is also significant points. Just keep in mind that every table has its own shape. You will find rectangular, oval, round, square and so much more shape. What type of shape of your table fist knows it? So, select the perfect shape of the right table.

The best fabric for the best table cloth

Continue reading the guying guides to select the best table cloth. There will you find more information that is essential to know to find the right table cloth.

If you can invest your money on the right product, you will feel proud. The fabric is the most important factor to pick the best table cloth. There are various fabrics and everyone will not ideal for your table.

1. Cotton, silk, and wool:

Most of us love to pick natural tablecloth. Cotton, silk, and wool fabrics are natural fiber cloth. Cotton is a durable cloth that can use multipurpose plus does a great job in many ways.

You can wash up them simply and easily. If you need to wash your table cloth a lot of time, poly-blends will good. Linen, wool, and silk tablecloth can use only formally. They are generally expensive plus more fragile. So, you can’t use them regularly.

You must take care of them very well to use them. A blemish on one these stylish fabrics can ruin the table cloth for good. An important suggestion for a gorgeous tablecloth that doesn’t have the expensive is sateen cloths.

They are made of cotton or polyester. They are also so luxurious and pretty to make the party more attractive.

2. Nylon, polyester, and spandex:

All of us it is know that synthetic tablecloths looked so cheap and fake. But polyester is the first choice for any domestic product. They remain at first in the list for wrinkling and they are very easy to wash. Polyester made in many different colors and styles.

Nylon is less common and favorite than polyester. The main cause of it that it is so much thinner and less attractive. There are such tablecloths that are made from a stretchy spandex material. But this type’s cloth can fit anywhere.

The following fabric has a curved shape that is not the same as other materials. This type of tablecloth is more expensive than other cloth. They are not common selection for this reason. The look of these types of the tablecloth is so interesting and works well to represent the table a good looking.

3. Canvas, re-cycled, and water-repelled:

Many of us most of the time seeking the outdoor tablecloth for our outdoor party such as BBQ party, picnic or garden campaign. For this type of party canvas materials tablecloths are the rights choose. They are so strong, thick, and also have a coating on them. It helps the tablecloth to resist the dirt, water, and stain.

They though aren’t so attractive; they are very purposeful and work well. They are waterproof. But it is bad that canvas tablecloth is not available all the time. Water repulsive tablecloth is so easier to find and they are less expensive than polyester.

They are so well for outdoor use. Some of them are made from recycled plastic. The recycled fabric of the tablecloth is enough expensive than polyester.

4. Vinyl, plastic, and paper:

Vinyl, plastic, and paper fabric tablecloth is not a long-lasting tablecloth. They are just fit for one-time use. You should through them after one-time use. So, they are cheapest than other tablecloths. They are excellent for children’s birthday parties and other outdoor parties or family get together.

Disposable tablecloths are available with many different types of patterns, themes, and colors. They are suitable for any events such as any company picnic or cookouts. They are not exactly tablecloths that you can use once more time because they aren’t difficult to tear and stain.

Vinyl is durable plus tough. They are resistant to water and in any case; you can use it once more time. They aren’t foldable though they are not looking well the second time.

best tablecloth color


This post brings to you more and more important information with the best tablecloth reviews. We here highlight the best products that assist you to know about the various tablecloths.

A perfect tablecloth makes any event more stylish and beautiful. It can change the whole environment of the party in a moment. So, the right tablecloth selection is the most important subject.

There are hundreds or thousands of colors and styles of the tablecloth. The following tablecloth guideline must help you to pick the right one for your lovely table of the family get together or wedding ceremony.


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