How to use a water distiller, a few contaminants remain after finishing the water into the steam chamber. It must affect the boiling chamber.

To avoid this problem, you should clean the water distiller from time to time. Here we share two right steps to clean the distiller properly.

how to use water distiller

Water Distillers Use System


Clean the lid:

To clean the distiller, remove the lid and soak it in a sink full of water. Take ¼ cup of vinegar then mix it with the water. If you don’t have vinegar you can use lime juice.

If the lid can’t remove mix vinegar or lemon juice in a bowl and clean the lid using a clean cloth or scrub brush. Cleaning the lid then rinse the steamer to remove all traces of the solution and now dry it with a cloth.


Clean the boiling chamber:

Make a solution with ½ cup of water, ½ cup of vinegar, or lime juice to clean the boiling chamber. Fill the chamber at least 2 inches with enough solution and leave it for the whole night. When it will dry, wash it with fresh water.

Avoid any commercial detergent to clean water steamer. The trace of detergent can remain after washing the steamer. Then when you put water on it the trace will mix with the water that makes an accidental intoxication.

If the distiller uses a carbon filter, you must change it every 3 months.

Clarifying Some mistaken belief About Distilled Water

We make a mistake with the distiller water. They are not good for us. Let’s try to know the mistaken idea about the distiller water.

Distilled Water will filter Minerals From My Body? 

Indeed, the distiller water does connect to minerals as it comes into getting in touch with them. That is closely how spring water enhances itself with minerals as rain flows downstream.

So, the truth is that a little bit of minerals from our body can leech with other impurities in the digestive tract.

But the amount of minerals that leeched isn’t enough, if you aren’t taking sufficient regular nutrients. Generally, we receive a lot of nutrients from a balanced meal than should be of anxiety.

As a human being, we regularly receive enough nutrients and minerals from our regular food but not from drinking water.

So, if you eat the regular nutrient meals, distiller water won’t harm you anymore. At the time of fasting, you must take a break from distiller water. And resume once the fast is done.

Cooking with distilled water removes minerals from the meal? 

If you cook your regular food using normal water or distilled water, the nutrition of the food stays the same. So, cooking with the help of a distiller is not harmful. You can use distilled water to cook the food surely.

Drinking distilled water will weaken your teeth? 

The amount of distilled water that you drink, it won’t consume the fluoride in the teeth. Yeah, it will remove fluoride from the water. But our regular toothpaste includes sufficient fluoride to keep the teeth healthy and strong.

Distillation is an expensive process? 

Distillation water isn’t expensive than bottle water. Indeed the water distiller machine s enough power to produce the water. But it is not so much expensive. It just spends a short amount to produce.

The best use of distilled water

Here, we already learn a few uses of distilled water. Now let’ know more about the use of this water.

Distilled Water for Babies

A lot of parents asked that this distiller water is safe for their baby. Yes, this water is safe for all the babies after 6 months. It is a good idea that some water distiller just made for only the baby.

The main cause of it that we know the stomach of the baby is so small and too much water will fill them quickly. If the babies drink this water they will get sufficient nutrition from it. But it must keep in mind that over water can make intoxication

Distilled Water for the Humidifier

If you have a humidifier at home, you have to use distilled water. Why you should do this, yes, you do this because this water contains lower contents of minerals than tap water.

Tap water also can contain bacteria and when they released into the air, the minerals inside the water can come into view as white dirt on the furniture.

Distilled Water for Fish Tank

Fresh and normal water is good for the aquarium. You should not use the distilled water directly on it. You just use it to clear the tap before changing the water.

But you can’t use only pure water without minerals. It is so harmful and wrong way for aquatic life. The mineral is a vital element for the fish or other aquatic life of the aquarium. It is full of pH elements.

If you add minerals into the distilled water correctly, it can one of the best options to make a good environment into the aquarium for the fish. It is right only for the large aquarium but not for a small one.

Drinking Distilled Water for Weight Loss

Most of us search such a thing that helps us to lose our heavyweight. It is really magic that besides normal water the distiller water can work more to lose the heavyweight. Now let’s see how the distiller waterworks to lose weight.

The terms and conditions of nutritional value, any types of water contain zero calories. But one calorie per ounce for our body to process is essential and it isn’t positive-calorie food.

So, drinking water just helps our weight-loss efforts. Though there are no researches that can say only the distilled water can help to weight lose, it is not perfect.

Like other normal water the distilled water, also can help us to weight loss, only this, there is nothing more special into it.

How to Use a Water Distiller


Most of the water distiller looks like the same but their quality isn’t the same and the price also different. In this article, we have listed the best water distiller in the market.

All of them are FDA certified and high-qualified. You can pick from them, anyone. They are ideal to supply purest drinking water for home or office.


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