NESCO FS-250 Meat Slicer-Review 2020

NESCO FS-250 is such a meat slicer that will help you to prepare your meat simply to cook shortly.

A good kitchen device is a better assistant when you work in your kitchen alone.

If you must cook for your family lonely, you also need a helper who assists you a few lengthy process work like meat slice quickly.

Yeah, we know your problem and so, we have a great solution for you.

This is a stainless steel meat slicer that is essential to get fresh and notorious food.

This slice can handle a wide range of food sizes with a perfect shape. It can work as a powerful food slicer.

It is perfect to slice meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits, and much more plainly and speedily.

The thickness ranges do a great job to control variable thickness with the help of the control knob.

Wide ranges also control the shape and size of your selected food.



  • Color: Multi.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Adjustable thickness.
  • 8.7 inches blade.
  • High-quality 180 watt gear motor.
  • Thickness controls dial.
  • Recessed power switch.
  • Heavy-duty slicing guard.
  • Removable food carriage.
  • Reliable.

  • Durable.

  • Easy to assemble and handle.

  • Depth control and strong.

  • Non-slip feet.

  • Perfect for heavy-duty.

  • It isn’t perfect for soft items.


Types of the meat slicer

There are various types of meat slicer in the market. So, when you will go to buy any slicer, this information helps you to know about them.

  • Electric slicer:

The most popular meat slicer is an electric slicer. It is an automatic slicer that can make all the food slicers that you want to cut in the slice. They are easy to use and assemble.

Not only this, they are easy to clean it can save you valuable time and money.

They come with the electric motor with move the carriage for you. This is perfect and advance device for this advanced era.

  • Manual slicer:

The manual slicer is a slicer that needs to move the food manually to make the meat of food slicing.

You must work more because it is slower to use than an automatic slicer. Now, people are more practical they can’t do any norm or hard work by spending more time.

And they like to use the automatic device than a manual machine.

After all, many people till now prefer manual meat slicer for extra control plus they feel that the meat slice come out with an improved texture and flavor that they can’t get from the automatic slicer.

  • Vertical slicer:

In vertical meat slicer, the plate is vertical to the blade. For this, the users need to push the product against the blade by hand.

But the slicing result is excellent, especially with the meat or beef. In addition, vertical slicer needs a little bit of space to fix than gravity slicer.

So, we recommend you to pick vertical meat slicer to get fresh meat slice if you keep it only for home use, not commercial use.

  • Gravity slicer:

In gravity slicer, the plate is a little bit leaning. So, the product slides automatically towards the plate.

Moreover, this slicer is easier to use though they need more space than vertical meat slicer.

Gravity slicer is right to cut cheese, deli, frozen meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables.


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